E-MountVM-MountMicro Four Thards-MountSLR-MountAccessory

This adapter ring is designed to be used with the Voigtländer VM mount lenses and Voigtlander VL screw mount lenses with M/L adapter as well as with ZEISS ZM mount lenses on an E-mount digital camera body.
Manual focusing is possible with this adapter at the range of infinity to nearest distance of each lens.
No electrical interface integrated, exposure is controlled by aperture ring.




This adapter is manufactured for the purpose of attaching Voigtlander VM mount and ZEISS ZM mount. The warranty is void when the lens except listed above is attached and cause damage or malfunction of camera/adapter/lens. Any claims or damages due to improper use of the adapter, which it was not designed for, are not covered by the warranty. For detail, please refer to the list of confirmed adaptable lenses. Depending on the combination of camera body and lens used, low resolution of the edge of the picture or color cast may occur. * Optional M/L adapter ring is needed for mounting Voigtlander L mount.