This S-VM adapter and C-VM adapter is used with Voigtlander VM-E Close Focus Adapter ("VM-E Close Focus Adapter")
on E-mount camera. With this combination, you can do focusing on VM-E Close Focus Adapter when you use
Nikon S-mount and Contax C-mount inner bayonet lens which does not have focusing function on it.
Thanks to 4mm helicoid stroke of VM-E Close Focus Adapter, lens itself does not rotate while focusing and
get shorter Minimum Object Distance, compared with original use. You can get close around up to 75cm to
the object when using 50mm lens for example.
iProduction discontinuedj

* Caution This adapter is manufactured only for the purpose of mounting this adapter onto VM-E Close Focus Adapter,
and attaching to Nikon S-mount and Contax C-mount inner bayonet lens. Any claims or damages due to improper use of the adapter,
which it was not designed for, are not covered by the warranty. When using collapsible lenses do not collapse the lens
while it is mounted on the camera as this may cause serious damage to the sensor, camera, and/or lens itself.




How to use Voigtlander VM-E Close Focus Adapter by Mr Tom Abrahamsson.