E-MountVM-MountMicro Four Thards-MountSLR-MountAccessory

This is a super-compact exposure meter that can measure
ambient light.
* Body is fully made of durable dicast
* The shoe bracket position can be switched by yourself
* Silver and Black is available

Type : Fixed-point matching type exposure meter for steady light
Photometry angle : approx. 30°
Photosensitive element : Silicon photodiode
Display : Fixed-point matching system by 3p-LED display
Photometry range : EV1(1sec.F1.4) to EV20 (1/2000,F22)
Film sensitivity : ISO25/15° to 3200/36°
Dimensions & Weight : 42.5(W) x37(D) x20.1(H), 35.5g