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@Voigtländer APO-LANTHAR 50mm F2.0 is a high performance manual focus standard lens optimized for the imaging sensors of Sony mirrorless cameras.
Inheriting the apochromatic optical design, the lens is highly corrected to eliminate optical aberrations including longitudinal chromatic aberration.
In addition, it is optimized for the ultimate performance of the resolution and contrast reproducibility. (Ref. MTF chart)
The lens constructed with 8 groups 10 elements has five abnormal partial dispersion glasses, two out of eight elements, each with two aspherical surface, and also floating focus system built-in.
Voigtländer APO-LANTHAR 50mm F2.0 is the ideal form which has both ultimate optical performance and compactness. It addition, the aperture blades with twelve elements employ special shape that becomes round shape with not only at F2, but also at F2.8. This enables circular Bokeh effect from point light source.

Main Features
Full frame Sony E mount with electrical contacts
Enhanced high performance utilizing aspherical lens surfaces
Optical design optimized for digital imaging sensors
Extremely solid and durable all metal-barrel
Manual focus for precise focusing
Installed with aperture click stop switching mechanism for video
Apochromatic optical design that eliminates chromatic aberrations
12 aperture blades enable circular aperture at F2.8


Standard Hood

Focal Length: 50mm
Aperture Ratio: 1:2
Minimum Aperture: F16
Lens Construction: 8 groups 10 elements
Angle of View: 46.5°
Aperture Blade: 12
Minimum Focus: 0.45m
Filter Size:φ 49mm
Diameter x Length:φ 62.6mm x 61.3mm
Weight: 364g
Electric Contact: Available
Manual Focus Assist: Available
Exif Data: Available
Auto Lens Correction: Possible
5-Axis Image Stabilization: Possible
*Only on camera body with 5-Axis Image Stabilization
Supplied Accessory: Front Cap, Rear Cap, Lens Hood