@Have you ever heard of a tying tool for assembling lenses, known as a glens-hacker?h It is used to tighten and loosen slotted lens retainers that lock the lenses inside the barrel. Because it is shaped to perfectly fit the two slots in the retainer without interfering with the barrel components, a lens-hacker is great tool for efficiently assembling a lens. Tightening rings and screw-in lens barrels come in a host of diameters, shapes and sizes. For that reason, just any lens-hacker does not work. So, in order to assemble a particular type of high-end lens, we custom-make a variety of lens-hackers.


@Steel stronger than ring material is used to fabricate lens-hackers. Based on a diagram, process@pure bar stock on a lathe, first finished into a cylinder of the specified dimensions. After that, the projections fitting to the slot grooves are shaped by a milling machine. Edges are cleanly chamfered and later plated. That completes the lens-hacker. Every time a newly designed lens is introduced on the production floor, a variety of lens-hackers are made by skilled veterans.


@In the restaurant business, restaurants prepare different foods for their staff than what they serve to guests. This has caused many curious foodies to believe that the culinary essence of some of the best restaurants is found in the cooking they do for themselves. These creations are sometimes enjoyed by regulars as off-the-menu items and, in some cases, have even been added to the regular menu as rumors spread. The lens-hackers we make in-house are representative of the manufacturing we insist upon doing. We do not give them to customers so if your lens needs to be disassembled, let us do it. We have the tools to do it correctly.