A unique camera that Cosina developed in 1999 became the talk of the market. Named the BESSA-L, it was a lightweight, compact and gquick-shoothCamera that was the complete opposite of automation as it was mechanically operated. It was loaded with analog concepts, including manual exposure setting and film winding, and even focusing with the eye. It made high-end amateurs and professional photographers who were unsatisfied by gcameras doing all the workh feel more engaged. Launched at the same time at the BESSA-L, the Snapshot Skopar 25 mm F4 and Super Wide-Heliar 15 mm Aspherical interchangeable lenses greatly reduced distortion despite being smaller than interchangeable lenses for SLR cameras.

They helped users to realize that the fun of photography was not limited to just SLR cameras. In 2000, the BESSA-R hit the market. It mounted a real image rangefinder on the BESSA-L that was designed and built specifically for wide-angle lenses and focusing with the eye. Owing to a proprietary finder that made viewing easy in every imaginable way and production and adjustment technologies, it once again turned the spotlight on the world of rangefinder cameras that users were beginning to forget about. The BESSA Family would evolve even further after that, but in no way related to excessive automation. The goal was to enrich the distinction of taking pictures by actually operating a camera. So, alongside camera improvements, Cosina enthusiastically designed and made interchangeable lenses for rangefinder cameras. The technologies that were poured into development work were used to enhance the quality of difficult-to-quantify yet extremely important parameters to note gImage quality,h gbokehh and gfocusing feel.h These efforts were widely recognized and led to a technical tie-up with Carl Zeiss AG in 2005. The Zeiss Ikon rangefinder camera that was jointly developed from that collaboration was awarded the Special Prize at the 2006 Camera Gran Prix by the Camera Journal Press Club. Cosina unsparingly applies high-end optical technology to make the world of photography more interesting and rewarding to camera users.