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#voigtlander_japan について

皆様から「#voigtlander_japan」で投稿された作品の中より選ばれた作品は、@voigtlander_japan のInstagramサイトに、撮影された方のアカウント名とあわせてご紹介させていただきます。





・“#Voigtlander_japan”または@Voigtlander_japan での掲載をご希望されない場合は、このハッシュタグのご使用はお控えください。


About #voigtlander_japan

We will post work selected from the submissions by everyone on “# voigtlander_japan”. We will introduce it in co-ordination with the account name of the author on the Instagram site of @voigtlander_japan.

・When posting on “#voigtlander_japan”, please be sure to mention the name of the lens you utilized to take the photograph.

・The copyrighted work and portraits used on “#voigtlander_japan” will remain copyrighted by the photographer or obtained prior consent from the original holder.

・Please note that the IG site will not be held responsible for any errors posted on “#voigtlander_japan”.

・Please refrain from using this hashtag if you do not wish your work posted on”#voigtlander_japan” or on @voigtlander_japan.

・Please note that we will not contact you in advance regarding the selection of photos posted on “#voigtlander_japan” or on @voigtlander_japan.

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