VM-E Close Focus Adapter II

In-built helicoid for focusing even closer. Adapter for E-mount


This adapter is designed to be used with Voigtlander VM-mount and ZEISS ZM-mount on both Full Frame and APS-C size sensor E mount digital camera body.
The VM-E Close Focus Adapter extends the minimum focus distance for the lenses. The 4.3mm helicoid allows the lens to be manually focused beyond the lens' original minimum focus distance. Voigtlander L-mount can also be mounted with M/L adapter ring on this adapter.

- Dedicated design for Voigtländer VM and Zeiss ZM lenses
- Extra 4.3mm focus helicoid extension for even closer focusing

- Fully knurled metal focus ring for excellent operability

- High-precision helicoid and high quality grease for silky smooth operation

- Infinity lock mechanism to prevent inadvertent focusing

When the following lenses are mounted using this adapter, they can be manually focused over an extended range from infinity to closer than the minimum focusing distance of the respective lens. The adapter does not have an electronic interface so stop-down metering must be used on the camera.


Covered Image Circle
Full Frame
Max Diameter
Infinity Lock System
Helicoid Extention


Ean Code
EAN 4002451 006705