VM E-Mount Adapter II

Adapter for full frame Sony E-mount


Adapter for mounting Voigtländer VM and Zeiss ZM lenses on the popular full frame Sony E-mount cameras. This adapter also accepts our Voigtländer L-mount lenses* mounted via one of our now discontinued M-bayonet adapter rings.

When the following lenses are mounted using this adapter, they can be manually focused on full frame sensors from infinity to the minimum focusing distance of each lens. The adapter does not have an electronic interface so stop-down metering must be used on the camera. Why not experience the fun of using manual focus high performance fixed focal length lenses on E-mount digital cameras! The VM E-mount adapter is the adapter that enables this.
*An L-mount to M-mount adapter ring is required to use Voigtländer L-mount lenses on this adapter.

This adapter is manufactured for the purpose of attaching Voigtlander VM mount and ZEISS ZM mount. The warranty is void when the lens except listed above is attached and cause damage or malfunction of camera/adapter/lens. Any claims or damages due to improper use of the adapter, which it was not designed for, are not covered by the warranty. For detail, please refer to the list of confirmed adaptable lenses. Depending on the combination of camera body and lens used, low resolution of the edge of the picture or color cast may occur.


Covered Image Circle
Full Frame
Max Diameter


Ean Code
EAN 4002451 196345