Process of making a lens-mount

  • Reasons behind the choices Cosina makes

The most important feature of the interchangeable lens-mount is that it locks the lens to the camera with high degree of accuracy and enables the lens to be quickly and smoothly attached and detached. It should also ensure durability. To meet these requirements, we start by carefully selecting the metal materials and then working them with utmost precision.

The image of the lens mount shown above was taken during the manufacturing process. At this point, it has only been processed on the camera side. After this, it will be finished on the lens side which completes the milling process. Metal parts that are milled on the high precision machine have this warm gold shine to them.

The M-Bayonet Adapter Rings that are sold under Voigtländer brand are one type of lens-mount. When you hold the Adapter Ring, you can feel parts’ high quality. It is 1 mm thick solid brass shaped by milling.

M-Bayonet Adapter Ring after milling

Durability and precision are ensured by milling metal blanks into complicated shapes. It may seem wasteful that so much material is used to make an adapter ring of such thinness. But, we firmly believe that this is the right way to make a tool that withstands the test of time and can be used for a long time.

Milled lens-mounts awaiting the next process.

Once milled to shape using precision technology, lens mounts are transformed into products through a series of processes that drill holes and plate surfaces. Cosina is particular about every step of the process. Our production is based on careful and deliberate choices.