Voigtländer delivers optical products that pursue convenience and efficiency in image capturing and also provide superior image quality and a great tactile experience when operated by human hands. In pursuit of excellent quality, our Sony E-mount lenses also feature electronic contacts. Our lenses especially designed for Micro Four Thirds realize the amazingly large maximum apertures of F0.8 and F0.95. Our high performance rangefinder lenses can also be enjoyed on mirrorless digital cameras by using mount adapters. Our SLR lenses offer outstanding imaging quality together with large maximum apertures possible only with fixed focal length lenses. We have developed a Voigtländer interchangeable lens lineup full of individuality from which you can select the right lens to match your camera and photographic expression. From the design stage through to lens polishing and coating and then assembly into all metal lens barrels, we ensure strict quality control for all products through our factory’s production system.

“…weil das Objektiv so
gut ist”