Micro Four Thirds Mount Lenses


The technique of selecting the point of focus and choosing the amount of bokeh at will is something that can only be expressed in photographs. An important element in determining this range of expression is the F-stop of the lens. The smaller the F-stop value, the more light the lens can capture (fast lens) and the greater the amount of bokeh. Utilizing modern optical designs, the Noktons achieve the amazingly large (fast) maximum aperture F-stop value of F0.95 (F0.8 for the Super Nokton). In pursuit of beautiful bokeh, we have poured all our design knowhow into making the subject look more three-dimensional based on repeating verification of actual captured images.

The Noktons and Super Nokton in the Micro Four Thirds series employ high-precision metal focus helicoids for precise focusing in focus critical situations. One of their features is silky smooth focus operation only achievable with dedicated manual focus designs. While these lenses all have an ultra-large maximum aperture, sufficient performance from maximum aperture is ensured, and in addition to a uniform color balance across the series, employing the same basic lens type for each lens ensures they also have uniform image drawing and bokeh.

Main features

  • Dedicated Micro Four Thirds mount
  • Modern optical designs and ultra-high refractive index glass
  • Very rigid and durable all-metal lens barrels
  • Manual focus for reliable focusing
  • 10-blade (12-blade for Super Nokton) aperture diaphragm for beautiful bokeh