Z Mount Lenses


The Z mount lens is a manual focus interchangeable lens that can be directly connected to the Nikon Z mount without using a mount adapter. Lenses with a D notation in front of the focal length cover the image circle of APS-C size (Nikon DX-format). The optical design is optimized for the image sensor of mirrorless cameras with Nikon Z mount.

This lens is equipped with electronic contacts and realizes communications between the lens and the body. In addition to Exif information and in-body image stabilization (3 axes), by combining a body compatible with communications and the latest firmware *1, three types of focusing support functions ( [1] focusing by color changing of the focus point frame [2] peaking function focusing and [3] focusing with the enlargement button) are supported.

The lens controls are all metal and feature heavily carved finger grips in a precision-cut knurled pattern. The barrel design combines a nostalgic appearance reminiscent of “the good old days” with functionality that improves the feeling of manual operation.

*1 Corresponding body and firmware
If the firmware is less than the ones listed above, the performance may not be exhibited or some functions may be limited, so please use the latest firmware. Please check the instruction manual of the body for checking the firmware of your body and obtaining the latest firmware. When using with a full format body, the imaging range does not switch automatically, so switch manually.

*This product is developed and manufactured under a license agreement with Nikon Corporation.

Main features

  • Designed exclusively for the Nikon Z mount
  • Data communication with the body through electronic contacts
  • Rigid and durable all-metal lens barrel
  • Manual focus for reliable fine-focus
  • Nostalgic styling reminiscent of manual lenses for SLRs