E-Mount Lenses


Lenses in our E-mount lens series can be mounted directly on E-mount cameras without requiring a mount adapter. They have imaging circles that cover the full frame format and utilize optical formulas optimized for Sony E-mount sensors. Although they are dedicated manual focus designs, these lenses have electronic contacts to ensure that lens usage data is included in the Exif data of captured images. They also have build-in distance encoders to support camera models equipped with 5-axis in-body image stabilization utilizing distance information to the subject to compensate for camera shake. Other features include being able to magnify the finder display by operating the focus ring.

The lenses in the lineup have inherited the names of famous Voigtländer lenses. The Heliars are super-wide angle lenses that capture straight lines as straight lines while also capturing an extremely wide field of view. The Color-Skopar realizes both compactness and excellent optical performance. With their compact size and large maximum apertures, the Noktons allow you to enjoy extremely blurred bokeh. The Apo-Lanthars offers excellent image quality with their apochromatic designs that reduce the axial chromatic aberrations of RGB, which comprise the three primary colors of light, to practically zero. This lens lineup full of individuality will expand your potential to capture images.

Main features

  • Compatible with full frame Sony E-mount with electronic contacts
  • Various aberrations eliminated by employing elements with aspherical surfaces and special glass (except for the Nokton Classic for which aberrations are intentionally left under corrected)
  • Optical designs optimized for E-mount sensors
  • Very rigid and durable all-metal lens barrels
  • Manual focus for reliable focusing