RF-mount Lenses


RF-mount lenses are manual-focus interchangeable lenses that can be directly connected to the Canon RF mount without the need for a mount adapter. The optical design is optimized for the image sensors of mirrorless cameras with the Canon RF mount. It has a full-frame image circle and can also be used with APS-C size mirrorless cameras.

The lens is equipped with electronic contacts and realizes communications between the lens and the body. In addition to Exif information and in-body image stabilizations (3-axis)*1, three types of focus support functions (magnification, peaking, and focus guide*2) are all supported.

The focus ring and aperture ring are made of all-metal. They have a precision-machined diamond pattern that recalls the good old days, while at the same time providing excellent and accurate focus grip.

*1 Effective only with bodies equipped with in-body image stabilization.
*2 Excluding EOS RP.

Main features

  • Designed exclusively for Canon RF mount
  • Data communications with the camera body through electronic contacts.
  • Rigid and durable all-metal lens barrel
  • Manual focus for reliable fine focus
  • Styling reminiscent of SLR MF lenses