X-Mount Lenses


Our X-mount lenses are interchangeable lenses that can be mounted directly on Fujifilm X-mount cameras without requiring a mount adapter. They are manual focus lenses with imaging circles that cover the APS-C format and feature optical designs optimized for the imaging sensors of Fujifilm X-mount system cameras.

Their lens mounts have electronic contacts to enable highly reliable electronic communication between lens and body in accordance with the information disclosed by Fujifilm Corporation. Exif information, focus checking, and display according to shooting distance are supported on bodies with the latest firmware that support electronic communication, and in-body image stabilization and parallax correction are also supported on certain models. When attached to a body that does not support electronic communication, these lenses can be used to capture images in aperture priority mode by turning the SHOOT WITHOUT LENS setting in the camera to "ON".

Main features

  • Dedicated designs for Fujifilm X-mount
  • Information communication between body and lens via electronic contacts
  • Very rigid and durable all-metal lens barrels
  • Manual focus for reliable focusing
  • Directly operated mechanical aperture rings